The Path Forward

The ASBMR Secondary Fracture Prevention Initiative brings together a global coalition of top bone health experts and stakeholders working to reduce the number of avoidable second fractures in individuals with osteoporosis. Together, we are intensifying our current efforts and collaborating on new opportunities to increase the screening, diagnosis and treatment of high-risk individuals to prevent fractures and partnering with patients to make informed choices about osteoporosis treatment options.

Clinical Recommendations

The ASBMR Secondary Fracture Prevention Initiative with consensus from Coalition Members has developed the following recommendations for clinical care.

The Action Plan

In October 2018, the Coalition released its detailed Action Plan for substantially reducing secondary fractures. Although designed for implementation in the U.S., many of the recommended steps and specific tasks will be relevant for improving care outside the U.S. as well.

The initial efforts will focus on the target patient population of men and women 65 years of age

and older who have suffered a hip or vertebral fracture that comes to clinical attention.